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Hello, this is Dr. Jeff Dickhut, Clinic Director of Central Illinois Spine. Today I wanted to go through a couple of things that people ask me all the time.

This is Dr. Jeff Dickhut with another frequently asked question. This one was, do chiropractors work with any part of the body besides the spine? We’re used to chiropractors, adjust the necks and backs, but can they work with feet, knees, ankles, shoulders? The answer is yes. Not all chiropractors treat those different regions, but they can be treated. For example, with a foot, a very common type of problem that could happen with the foot is a person may have had some sprains or they rolled their ankle, and the most common one is an inversion sprain. When that happens, if the bones are supposed to be lined up then the ligaments actually stretch, which is what a sprain is. The question is who realigned them before rehabbing them. Often times, that is a step that is forgotten. When we check the foot, there’s 26 bones in each foot. If some of the bones don’t move as well as they should, then those areas can be treated and then the rehabilitation process is much more effective afterward. Yes, the answer is chiropractors are able to work with more than the spine.

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