Tennis Elbow Pain Relief With Ultrasound Therapy Back Pain Relief Chiropractor Bloomington IL

Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut Of Central Illinois Spine Normal IL 309-268-9000: Talks about pain relief with ultrasound therapy .

Another treatment that we have is ultrasound. Now, ultrasound is sound waves and what it does is it helps to create heat in the tissue which brings in blood flow and can help break up adhesions and help with the healing process. Today what we’re going to do is treat a lateral epicondylitis or what’s commonly known as tennis elbow with the ultrasound. When we do this treatment I put down a gel that conducts the sound waves from the head of the unit into the issue. It’s not a painful process. You usually notice that there’s a warm type sensation. A lot of times patients will say that they can feel the muscle relax or they feel a loosening in that region once being done. It can be used in a lot of different body parts. It can be used in the neck, the lower back, knees, plantar fasciitis, shoulder problems. A lot of different places respond very well to the ultrasound treatment once it’s a part of a treatment plan.

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