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http://thespinedoctor.net/what-to-expect/ Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut Of Central Illinois Spine Normal IL 309-268-9000: Talks about what to expect on your first visit to Central Illinois Spine

Hello, this is Dr. Jeff Dickhut, Clinic Director of Central Illinois Spine. Today I wanted to go through a couple of things that people ask me all the time.

One of those things is, “What do I expect on my first visit to find out if I’m a candidate for spinal decompression.” Most people are really nervous and they’re not sure what’s going to happen so we’re going to go through an overview of what happens on a typical first visit.

When we meet a patient, one of the things that we always want to do is get to know them, because they’re going to be part of our family. A lot of the first visit is find out what their goals are. Find out where they’re from. I grew up on a small farm in a country setting and so we didn’t know how to talk. We want to know not only where their pain is or what the problem is, but how is it affecting your life?

We do that with a complete history, we go through a lot of the current aspects of what has caused the problem, what things are being effected. Then what we do is we sit down and we do an examination to find out exactly what is the source of the problem, because sometimes the pain and the symptoms could be in one area but the problem is somewhere else.

We’ll go through and we’ll do a neurological, an orthopedic exam, and this is a lot of times based off of the history and what it is that the person tells us about their condition. We’ll go through these different tests. A lot of times we’ll do strength and reflex testing. Many times people are coming in here and they’ve had problems for either a short time or maybe even several years and nobody told them or showed them that they were losing strength. That affects their mobility many times.

Sometimes we find stuff that they’re not aware of, sometimes we confirm things. Once we find all that information we’re going to need to order different tests to make sure that the diagnosis is correct. Maybe getting new x-rays, new MRI, new CAT scan, sometimes patients already have that information that’s current, we can use that if it correlates with the exam. In here we also do a special digital motion x-ray. This is totally different. It’s 30 frames a second so it looks like a video. With this we’re able to check the body for instability that may eliminate some treatment options or maybe push us towards other treatment options for that condition.

Other times we see that joints that are supposed to move are stuck or they don’t move. It’s totally different than, “Hold still, don’t breathe, don’t move,” types of studies. It actually shows the person in motion. When get that information I then take time to put it all together, come up with a diagnosis, come up with a treatment plan and figure out how to get that person back on the track to better health.

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