Treatment Of Knee Injuries With A Class IV Laser-Sports Injury Chiropractor-Bloomington IL

Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut Of Central Illinois Spine Normal IL 309-268-9000: Covers knee pain treatment with a Class IV Laser

This is Dr. Jeff Dickhut. We’re going to be doing treatment on the knee here with the Class IV laser. This is going to be used to treat lateral collateral ligament and lateral meniscus for this situation. When we do this, since it is laser, I will be wearing the protective goggles. The laser is able to penetrate past the skin and go down deep to where the problem is. It helps to speed up the healing and brings in blood flow to areas that don’t get very good blood flow, which is really important in ligaments, the meniscus, cartilage, soft tissue. They don’t have very good blood supply like the bones and the muscles do in our bodies. It also helps to speed up the healing process by getting the energy in the cells to move faster and be created quicker. I went to school to be an engineer. Sometimes it’s hard to explain all this stuff in layman’s terms. It does cut the healing times. If something’s going to be eight to 10 weeks, sometimes we see it cut down to four, five, six weeks with using laser as part of that treatment process. There’s other things that can be treated with it. Necks, backs, shoulders, elbows, wrists. We’ve seen a lot of different conditions that people have responded very well with, as laser being part of their treatment process and it helps them get back and doing what they want to do, whether it’s running again, going up and down stairs, going to the kids’ ball games, or competing in sports.

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