Treating shoulder pains – pain relief -Chiropractor in Normal, IL

Another frequently asked question is what could we do for shoulder pain, shoulder problems, shoulder instability, things related to the shoulder? Sometimes it can come from the spine, but a lot of times it can be the actual shoulder joint itself. Now, the shoulder’s made up of three bones. We’ve got the scapula, the shoulder blade, the humerus or the arm bone, and then the clavicle in the front or the collarbone. When there is injury, these can be affected and muscles then can splint or spasm to try to protect the body.

The most common injury is a fall on the outstretched hand. When the person falls, it can jam the arm up and misalign the scapula. We had a patient the other day that came in that had had an injury, and his scapula literally came out to the side at least three, four, five inches further than it should have. His rehabilitation was not very effective that he’d done because the joint wasn’t moving like it was supposed to.

When we identified that the joint was not moving correctly with a motion x-ray and through an exam, we did treatment and it immediately reduced and came two to three inches after the first treatment. That set the stage for the rehabilitation process that may be similar to what he did in the past, but his results should be totally different.