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Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut Of Central Illinois Spine Normal IL 309-268-9000: Discusses back pain.

This is Dr. Jeff Dickhut. I’m standing next to one of our Lumbar DRX machines. These machines help treat low backs, and we actually have four DRX machines in the clinic that treat the low back. We also have two machines that treat the cervical spine or the neck.

What’s great about these is it helps patients that have bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative discs, get back to functioning and really get back to life, doing the things they want to do.

The decompression works by helping to open up the space between the vertebrae. It creates a negative pressure in there and helps bring in nutrients, fluid and oxygen, so the body can work to better repair itself. It goes through 18 cycles of gently pulling and relaxing in about a half an hour period of time.

Many patients fall asleep while they’re doing treatment. It is not a painful process. Many patients joke about being on the ramp or the torture chamber. That’s not what it is. It is a very gentle process. Over half of our patients fall asleep at least once while doing treatment.

If you are ready to find out if you qualify for this type of non-surgical decompression treatment, call our clinic at 309-268-9000. That’s 309-268-9000.
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