Pain relief with hydrotherapy massage tables – Chiropractor in Normal IL

This one of our hydrotherapy massage tables. What this does is it provides massage through water but you don’t have to get wet. There’s water that shoots up through jets underneath the barrier and then goes along your back, then your legs and into your feet. It’s a really great treatment to get muscles that are tight to relax, bring in blood flow, and help with that healing process. Patients just love it and how it feels.

We actually have three of these tables. The nice thing about them is that you can customize where you want the treatment at. The patient is able to select what region. If they are extra tight in their upper shoulders or back they might want to go just there. If they want to go just to the calves and do treatment there they can select it themselves.

They could also control the pressure. Most people want the most pressure that it has. They can get the pressure right exactly where they want it. They could also control the speed that it moves up and down their body. Now she is all set for one of our patients’ favorite treatments.