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Pain Management available at Central Illinois Spine

Central Illinois Spine offers interventional pain management services. Dr. Hong Vo is a medical doctor who is board certified in both anesthesiology and pain management and is also fellowship trained.

The goal of interventional pain management is three-fold.

1. Comfort! By reducing pain and inflammation, it helps make the treatments that correct the structural problem much more comfortable.

  • It’s like having novocaine in dentistry. Sure, some patients can deal with the pain of drilling on a tooth, but for others the novocaine makes the process a lot more comfortable as the Dentist completes his work.
  • The body heals while we are sleeping. If you can’t sleep due to severe pain, healing is going to be slowed down!

2. Get Better Results! Spinal Decompression works best when the muscles are not spasming or guarding. The skills of a Pain Management Doctor can help calm down the spasming muscles letting the DRX9000 treatments be more efficient.

3. Less Side Effects!

  • Oral medication goes throughout the body and very little of it gets to the target site. It can have unpleasant side effects, like sleepiness or nausea. It also has to be cleared from the bloodstream by the liver and filtered by the kidneys. It can affect the lining of the stomach and cause bleeding and other conditions.
  • With Interventional Pain Management, a larger dose can make it to the injured area where the Doctor wants it with a much smaller overall amount of the medication.

When a person has a toothache, a Dentist doesn’t inject your gum and tell them to go home! He uses the anesthetic so that he can work on the tooth and correct the problem.
Many pain management specialists just do injections and send the patient home, without addressing the underlying structural problems that are present.
At Central Illinois Spine, the goal is to get the relief from the Interventional Treatment so that the patient can then correct the structural problem that was the source of the pain, further boosting their outcomes and getting back to an active lifestyle!!

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