How To Break Up Scar Tissue With RRT-Chiropractor-Bloomington IL

Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut Of Central Illinois Spine Normal IL 309-268-9000: Discusses rapid release technologies vibration therapy.

Another great treatment that we have is rapid release technologies vibration therapy. What this does, this vibrates at certain frequency, and helps break up scar tissue adhesions. Why is that important? Over time, with injuries and different accidents and things that we’ve had in life, our muscles tend to get little adhesions, fibrous tissue that’s not as flexible as the original. Over time that restricts the mobility. What this does is it goes in and helps break up those adhesions and make it more flexible and more pliable.
A lot of professional sports teams are using it across the country, and we have it here in Bloomington-Normal, IL. When you talk about scar tissue and helping to get that to break up, most people think it’s going to be a painful process, but this is a very comfortable process. In fact, most patients love this part of their treatment plan if they’re doing that. To do it, it’s a very simple type of thing. The treatment is applied to the region and has a very light pressure on it, and then the vibration on the machine does the work for us so it’s not a painful process, but is actually very relaxing.

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