Carpal Tunnel Treatment Laser Therapy Bloomington Il Chiropractor

Here, we’re going to treat carpal tunnel syndrome with Class IV Laser. Now, when we’re doing the treatment, it is laser, so we do need to wear the protective glasses.

With carpal tunnel syndrome … Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression of the median nerve as it goes through the carpal canal in the wrist. It can result in, typically, a lot of numbness and tingling sensations into the second, third, and sometimes the fourth fingers. Many times, carpal tunnel syndrome is accompanied by problems in the neck, where the nerves originate from. As those nerves come out from the neck and go down into the hand, they can get compressed in one or both of those areas. Some patients get treated in just one region, and some patients get treated in both.

The carpal tunnel syndrome is something that’s very common with repetitive motions: keyboarding, using a mouse, being on a computer. Has been a very common type of thing, but other things are repetitive. If somebody’s working a job where they’re doing a lot of twisting: a mechanic, a carpenter, an electrician. These are typical things that can come up. There are non-surgical types of treatments that can be done to help them get back to doing what they want to do.

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